Do you think minimum wage is ever a forced position?

I made near minimum wage at my last job but it was a choice

I could have worked as an essay editor
or dream interpreter
or gotten a degree as a psychotherapist
or Christian counsellor
or worked as a pastor
or as an academic mentor
or communications specialist
or advertising and media specialist
or author
or professional writer
or advertising director
or hospital porter
or janitor
or dating coach
or life coach
or social companion to elderly people
or marketing director for start up businesses
or fundraiser
or librarian
or class instructor

I thought it would be obvious that I worked at my job voluntarily knowing I could work somewhere else

But when I made an error in judgment at work - a guy who didn’t like me spread the lie I was trying to get fired on purpose so I could collect employment insurance without working

And I think a lot of his friends believed that cause they began to treat me bad after he suggested it
Do you think minimum wage is ever a forced position?
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