Is going back to this job a good idea?

I had this job at a supermarket sense 2018 and, long story short my availability was 9am -10pm where I was scheduled 5 days or less. Then in March this year things changed where I made my availability 6a. m-12p. m and things got dull where I was scheduled somewhere at 6,7, or 8 in the morning but 6 most of the time, then my new manager was asking me why he shouldn’t terminate me and i could think of many reasons why he shouldn’t.
I remember 1 day I went to the service desk gotten an availability sheet and tried to extend my availability to 5p. m sense not much happens in the morning until about 9 where I either went inside or just wondered through the parking lot looking for lose carts or kept trying to transfer to a different department no matter how pointless it was.
Finally my manager was asking why he shouldn’t terminate me I was kind of trying but I wasn’t giving supportive reasons then he terminated me not remembering I spoke to him about the availability sheet he said he would look into it then the store manager who hired me and started this nightmare was talking about rehiring me in 2021 and I wasn’t excited or anything I just wondered would you actually put me in a dept I really want to be in which is almost anything but the meat/seafood department
Is going back to this job a good idea?
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