Could you become a Professional YouTuber/Twitch streamer?

For context, I'm a man who has Aspergers' Syndrome/high-functioning Autism. I watched both Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokemon as a kid, sorta flip-flopping between the two. But thanks to my ex-girlfriend, Yu-Gi-Oh! has become my "Special Interest." A Special Interest is something that an autistic person becomes fixated on, and develops an encyclopedic knowledge of. In many cases, autistic people excel at things involving their special interests, often soaring above their peers.

I have basically been playing the Yu-Gi-Oh! card game online for the past 4 years--even defeating top-tier competitive decks many times--and I have set up a small YouTube channel about said card game. At first, I wanted to become a professional YouTuber, get monetized, and make something lucrative out of my passion. Then I got burnout for a while, but that wore off.
Could you become a Professional YouTuber/Twitch streamer?
Because guns used to be one of my Special Interests, and I love me a good first-person-shooter, I have also recently contemplated setting up another gaming YouTube channel involving FPS games. Although another reason for that was because my ex played Call of Duty like I did, and she also had basic knowledge of certain guns, even pointing out that the AK-47 was manufactured in Romania.

Obviously, most Pro Youtubers (and Twitch streamers by extension) are not autistic like me, but they nonetheless managed to turn their passion into something lucrative. My question to you, the reader is, do you think you can do the same thing? Do you believe you could make a living on YouTube or Twitch, with your content focusing on what interests you the most?
Could you become a Professional YouTuber/Twitch streamer?
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