Is this a bad idea?

I have been dealing with really nosey mean coworkers.
And I've realised that even when I was honest about my humble life they thought I was hiding something. So now when a nosey person asks me something I lie.
"you work part time, how do you afford your rent?" "my parents help me".
You work part time, do you have another job or studying?" "I have another job and I'm studying full time!"
"i keep being thrown out of the punch in app can you help me, maybe I'm doing something wrong."
"from looking at it, I think it's your phone, have you got a tablet that you could bring in instead?"
"oh Yea I do! Thanks that's a good suggestion"
"what does your mother do for work, I heard you talking about something to do with guidelines?" "oh, she's a solicitor?" (we work with guidelines)
"What are you having for Christmas Dinner?" "A non traditional meal this year!" "what will you have?" "pasta" "what kind of pasta?" "cray fish" "are you a good cook?" "Yea I am actually" (that's not a lie I very much enjoy what I cook) I'm sure people will call me a compulsive liar, but I don't understand why people are so insistent on being nosey. They already dislike me and are looking for reasons to dislike me further. So I indulge them...
Is this a bad idea?
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