How does it feel to return to your ex employer?

There was this huge outsourcing company where I used to work for more than 3 years (2015-2019). Despite the professional experience gained, I left on a bad note, that is, I blacklisted myself with the view of never returning there. Here are the reasons:

1. No career growth. Being taken for granted
2. Organisational change for the worse in culture which I could not adapt
3. No love found at work - no girlfriend/ soulmate
4. Conflict with some team members

Well, I was shining elsewhere after leaving that company but the pandemic severely hit me. I was considering to pursue further studies but couldn't get any employment to conform with studies. From March 2020 till this month, technically I was unemployed. Although I got an employment at an unethical school from July 2020 to November 2020, I never got any salary. So, I remained without any paycheck as from March 2020.

I applied at several places but in vain. Since the beginning of this month, I was approached by a company (where an evil cousine of mine works there) and the outsourcing company where I worked for more than 3 years. Going to that outsourcing company will be the last resort unless I am approached by another company. I am considering to interrupt my studies in favour of work. I have to survive!

Now, here's the thing. Have you ever got in a similar situation like mine where your previous employer approaches you to return?
How does it feel to return to your ex employer?
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