My supervisor is an ass?

Okay so I work at a manufacturing plant. I started there after Thanksgiving. My supervisor has really been riding my ass for the past few weeks about everything I do. I’m the last “new” employee on my shift so she feels the need to pick on me. When I started there, everyone warned me about her because she is lazy, she lies, she likes drama, & if she doesn’t like you she will try to get you fired. She also likes to pick on people. I was told to get her to leave me alone, I have to tell her to leave me alone, but I don’t know how to do so without blowing up on her without potentially getting fired or losing my job. She makes up excuses for everything in order to get on my case such as she got onto me for leaving my machine when my machine is a walk away machine, so I can walk away from it. HR won’t fire her either because they are too lazy to fire her and hire someone else. I’m staying at this job till March-April and I’m quitting, but in the mean time I don’t want to put up with my supervisor treating me the way she does. She’s also jealous of me and a few other employees because I’m skinny and she is extremely overweight like (300-400lbs) so I guess that also makes her feel like she needs to bully me? What do I say/what do I do? Also, my actual shift manager is aware of her behavior and he hates our supervisor as well, but he can’t fire her or do anything for that matter.
My supervisor is an ass?
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