What Should I Do With My Future?

I’m 17. I’m going to college soon, don’t know what school I’m applying for yet. My family is expecting what any other family expects for any of their children; to get good grades to get a good job.

It may be a reliable process for my future, but it isn’t one that is all that appealing. What I mean is, once I work really hard getting good grades in school, I’ll need to find a job, and I won’t be earning that much income because I’ll have to pay off my debt in school loans. When I find myself a job, I’ll most likely be working a 9-5 job and be tired at the end of the day. So tired that I spend my time watching television, and then the cycle would continue.

I’ve been looking into alternative options. For example, YouTube has worked for a lot of people. Investing in stocks and bonds is something people do, but there is some risk involved. I’ve been looking into self-growth and financial advice with books and videos. Nothing seems to be set on what you should do, but they seem to emphasize that a 9-5 job is not really the way to go.

My father is well-off. Has his own business, and plans on selling it when he retires. On the other hand, my mother is not very stable financially. It was due to health complications that she could no longer work, but she has started working from home and she makes little money.

When I see these “I’ll teach you how to become a millionaire” it’s all more or less the same. You need to pay for a course or whatever it may be, and if it’s free advice, it’s usually focused on mindset and hard work. I’m not necessarily looking to become a millionaire (money isn’t everything), however my goal is to be content with the money I have. Why? So I can travel, be more wealthy for retirement, be happy with what I’ve accomplished, and to offer a better future to my children.

Also, what kind of jobs are fun as a teenager my age? Any suggestions would be nice.

Please help. What should I do with my future? I want a fun future, one in which I’m free
What Should I Do With My Future?
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