I'm lost, I have no talent, no skill, and nowhere to go. What do I do?

I just feel like crap. I feel like a hollow human that had nothing. That is nothing. Cold, dry, in a vast void of emptiness. I have no hope, no potential, I've failed at everything I went for. The only thing I did was graduate high school. Other then that i got nothing. I have no talents, I have nothing I'm good at. I've failed my parents time and time again, I have to move back with my parents because of my failure. I'm not strong, fast, smart, talented, skilled in anything. I'm okay in drawing but everything else in life in total shit at. I play all these video games because I indulge myself into another world that has more story, more friends, the characters has more confidence and skill, and I like the story and the accomplishment that I dont have. I toss and turn all night and I hate myself, I hate every bit of myself because I just feel like a waste. I've spent years doing art and I'm okay at best. I can't do anything else, I dont have anything im naturally talented at. I just feel, like crap.

People say life gets better it's just time. But I hate that. I want things now, people say those people are spoiled brats. But I dont mean it that way. I want to get better faster, saying it comes with time feels like more of an excuse to me. I'm the only one in my family to not have any skill or anything I'm good at. My brothers skill he's amazing at is programming and language. My sister is gymnastics and dance, my dads is craftmanship, my moms is running. I got nothing.

I've spent years looking for things I'm good at. I've spent years practicing what I like. But I've gotten nowhere. I've never gotten smarter, I've never gotten better. I'm still the same and I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.
I'm lost, I have no talent, no skill, and nowhere to go. What do I do?
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