How to get a job?

So a little story I'm a person who doesn't know what I wanted to be since i was a kid.
I go to school just to earn my graduation certificate (I don't know if this is the right term)
My parents are already divorced when I'm in high school. Recently my mom passed away, the only support i used to have.
I'm already unemployed for years. It's definitely my own fault back then because I don't look for job hard enough when my mom still alive.
Now I need a job ASAP or I might starve.
I've applied in several different places but there's no calls.
It seems like I couldn't get any job. I suck at socializing, talking, anything social.
I don't have any skills, I don't even know what's my strength (interviews usually are asking this)
I'm not pretty either. I almost had no nice clothes to wear to interview because of the poverty i grew up in.
My extended family (uncle, aunt, grandparents) doesn't care about our family so asking them for help is useless.
If failure is a human I think it would be me.
Please help me. What should I do? Any useful tips I could use?
How to get a job?
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