What should I do about being bullied at work?

My manager talks to my coworkers about me and they all treat me terribly and give me attitude for no reason. I told my manager that my coworker was mistreating me and she let me work at a store alone, but the store gets so busy and i'm the only one there to work. Then my manager would laugh when my coworker criticizes me, and sometimes she would mock me. So I told the boss that I don't get along with my coworkers and manager, and he just started criticizing me. I know I have flaws but instead of my manager telling me what i'm doing wrong she just mocks me and laughs at me, talks badly behind my back. Sometimes I do have bad moods but I try my best to be kind to them because I know i'll be working with them for awhile, sometimes they'll be nice but mostly just take their anger out on me. I really dont want to lose my job because I need my income (plus I get abused at home by my mom, she always criticizes me and tries to make me feel useless). So i'm trying to save money and move out and also get a nose revision. I want to get employment insurance but I know if I quit I won't be able to and might end up homeless. Please help.
What should I do about being bullied at work?
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