Stagnant life... what to do?

I feel my life is stagnating at the moment (maybe low-level depression?) and would really be interested to see how you managed similar situations?

Background: I have studied 6 years at university and speak 7 languages, however I do not feel like I have a particular talent because mainly grammar definitely needs some work in some languages I speak/write... I did take an officially recognised IQ test, scoring well above average (maybe hence my paranoia with most things in life due to my overthinking?)... then again I am the type of person that is interested in virtually anything in life, and will drop it after I found the new best thing to interest me... I speak before I think and I keep swapping jobs because I either tend to get bored or it's not really that interesting anymore...

My big question: how should I go about developing decent amount of experience in a certain field and how can I even find a job to interest me? How do you know one field is your passion when you keep finding "new passions"? I thought about becoming independant, but I wouldn't even know which idea to start from! So at the moment I am just stuck in a repetitive mediocre job that bores me to hell BUT pays enough... and of course looking again for a position in another field 🙁😕😟
Stagnant life... what to do?
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