Why is it seen as bad to not be career ambitious?

All my life I've wanted the easy life. When I was a little girl I wanted to be a princess not a doctor, lawyer or any of that shit parents brainwash their children into thinking they want to be.

I was never good at school as im dyslexic and I always cared more about who I was as a person rather than what my grades said on a piece of paper. I want a fulfilled, stress-free, happy life. I knew I'd never get far in life, career wise and I was okay with that as long as I had a job that gave me enough money to have a decent life.

I feel like so many people are brainwashed by the rat race. Everyone is chasing money and success because they think it will bring them happiness when they are just getting distracted from living their life in the moment.

I work to live not live to work and too all the people who are work to live types I just wonder if they realise at the end of the day your just working your arse so some big boss can take advantage of you whilst he's living on his private island somewhere whilst you stay in the office doing his dirty work and he'll never thank you for it as soon as someone better comes and will work for less you'll get kicked to the kerb.

I hate the question "what is your dream job?" my dream is to never have a job but it's just a dream and they aren't real. Everyone tells me to case my dreams and i shouldn't be working in a factory. My dream is to be filthy rich from doing nothing and I know that's never gonna happen so I'd rather earn a decent wage in a easy job and be happy with the life I have instead of chasing something that will never happen. Someone asked me were I see myself in 10 years and my reply was being 33 years old. I don't want a career I want a life.

I don't see having a successful career as something important , I see being happy and being around people I love doing the stuff I love as important.
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I'd rather turn around and say when I'm a old Lady " i had a good life, I've seen the world , had lots of fun and been loved" not " I had a great career and made lots of money which I actually never spent on doing what I wanted because as I was too distracted trying to earn money and have a career"

People seem disappointed in me for not wanting a career and think it's strange but I'm young yet not ambitious. They assume I must be lazy or left wing nut job when in reality I just see behind all
Why is it seen as bad to not be career ambitious?
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