Any advice for going to college and working full time?

Hi Guys! :)

So, I'm 23 years old. I plan on going to college here in a month. Doing whatever I can do ONLINE. I plan on majoring in a field of helping others in need. Human Services.
I am working full time at a job that is typically 7 am to 3:30 pm. I'm a little nervous mentally. Just cause I don't want to stress myself out. :( I NEED to go back to college. With the work that I am doing myself, it's warehousing. It's not hard or rough on my body. I be walking least 20,000 steps daily... All I'm doing is picking clothes out in racks. Easy! Just... My body will hurt and be sore sometimes. I'm in need to start my career path..

Any advice? I'm in the process of finishing my FAFSA information.. I'm not sure on how many classes I should take, starting. I plan on finishing 2 years in this field. Finding something in that field.. Then finishing the rest of the 4 years.

Honestly, give me any advice for any of those who have been to college. I do live on my own. Pay all my bills. I'm traumatized to be in debt.
Any advice for going to college and working full time?
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