Is this a valid reason to fire/give an employee a warning?

One of my close friends works at an injection molding company. One of my friends' coworkers needed to talk to HR and his badge (used to open company doors) wasn't working. So, my friend used his badge to open the door and it still wasn't opening (some people that work at the company have access to the HRs front door. They're two doors. One door the one my friend and his coworker were trying to open and there's another one only the HR can open from the inside of the room). The main door wasn't opening with my friend's badge either. My friend said he knocked on the door twice and nobody opened it. So, his initial thought was maybe the door is jammed. So, he kinda pushed the door. What he didn't know was that the HR was in the room but the HR was sitting in an area where nobody could really see his fat ass (the HR is fat ). So, the HR got up when he realized someone was at the door and opened it. Later in the day, the supervisor walked up to my friend and told him HR went to the company manager and basically snitched (HR doesn't like my friend because my friend makes more money than him). He also told my friend that he might have to sign a warning paper tomorrow morning. I dont understand what my friend did? Pushed a door because he thought it was stuck and the lazy HR couldn't get his ass up to open the door on the first knock? My friend has been working for that company for 5 years now. He's afraid he might get fired.
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HR isn't supposed to lock doors unless they're on break. My friend doesn't know when HR is on break or not.
Is this a valid reason to fire/give an employee a warning?
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