Imposter Syndrome?

So I know that it’s common for like college students to get imposter syndrome when they start to work in their trade more. I’m only a high schooler, but I attend a technical school so we are able to be put in shops where we can do hands on things in our field of interest. I’m in my junior year of veterinary science and this is my first year being able to work in the clinic. I loved it but recently being there has been so stressful as it seems like a lot of people are ahead of me. They seem so calm preforming tasks and they can like do it amazing on their first try. They also seem to remember terms a lot more or answer the questions that they are asked with ease. I can’t help but beating myself up over everything because I feel like I should be way ahead and I just feel so uncomfortable being in the clinic. And lately I’ve been very conflicting with my thoughts as a part of me really wants this as I always dreamed to be a vet because I care and want to help animals but I feel like I’m so behind and won’t ever be able to become one. I become so frustrated making a small mistake and end up having a breakdown in the bathroom. I’m not sure if what I’m experiencing is some sort of imposter syndrome or something else I don't know.
Imposter Syndrome?
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