Is my friend's father a silly dreamer?

I have a long distance friend that's from Colombia. She's 28 years old, finished college in 2014 and hasn't worked on her major yet. All she does is work on a call center, translating calls. She's been doing that since her early 20's. Same thing and reads the same script.

Her father thinks that just because she speaks good English and French, she can travel and work in UK or France. She already failed her internship badly because they found her incompetent and in need of more practice. She has no life skills, doesn't know how to manage a check, how to drive, how to run a house, how to fry an egg, etc.

So all she does is answering calls; which isn't a useful skill (many citizens in those countries do that). She has no real work experience nor anything other than speaking good English and French to people. Nothing else. Is her father a silly dreamer thinking she can just show up at an embassy interview and tell them that.. that she speaks the language and does call center BS?
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I don't think she even knows how to sweep and mop either. To immigrate to a developed countried that's better than yours, wouldn't you obviously need useful skills and convince that you're not a waste of time of an immigrant? She would have to offer something to the table, do something for the country.
How is working at call centers and speaking the language (something many already do in those countries) doing something for the country?
Is my friend's father a silly dreamer?
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