Do flight attendants get payed good?

I've recently been thinking about my future and getting a good career but with covid its still kind of difficult to decide. I've worked in retail and photography and have 3 years customer service experience and I enjoy helping people. I kind of been exploring my options though and always was curious about flight attendant pay and im aware you have to travel a lot and I also enjoy traveling, I just don't want it to be too much time taking over my free time but how is the pay for flight attendants? Would it be worth it ever?
1 y
If it's not worth it money wise I won't get into it, im just exploring my options as an individual and my skills! My sister has a job that drains her and it sucks. I just want something steady, pays good, and I would enjoy but not where It'll be stressful and not worth it.
Do flight attendants get payed good?
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