Is phone translation (call center) another dead-end job?

I know someone that's doing that and she started hating it. These are her complaints:

- It's still a call center with back-to-back calls, no time to even drink water
- A CS client reading long, disclosure scripts at a quicker pace just to get it done and over with (and it really sounds like they hate their jobs too), not caring one bit if certain parts were omitted. Who is going to remember too much after all?
- 2-3 hours has been reduced and therefore less money
- low rage and no promise of career development nor advancement at higher position
- Horrible signal and muffling sounds (or too much background) but still told to translate... even after saying the line is bad; after all you can't guess if you can't even make out a word.
- A couple native speakers speaking long, nonstoppable paragraphs even after informing them to speak in shorter phrases in the introduction or interrupting the translator... not letting her finish translating.
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Is phone translation (call center) another dead-end job?
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