Should I feel bad?(long.. sorry.. NEED HELP)?

Ok so it's currently 11:45 am as I'm typing this and I work day shift at a restaurant... Since today is Sunday we open an hour later so I clocked in at 6am instead of the normal 5am. About 90% of the time I am so swamped with work that I literally need.. well.. ask my fiance to help me in his free time (between orders, after he's done) in order to either get out at our scheduled time or sometimes even 2 and sometimes (rarely) 3 hours later, even WITH his help. I am a fast worker at that too. Since I prep all the essentials for the restaurant, somedays are just overkill. Lately I've been in a depressive mood and found out that fiance forgot today was Valentines day until this morning before work.. and told me he was going to spend his time after work with his friend instead of me... naturally I got upset..
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1 y
Anyways, turns out I dont have much to do today.. only 6-7 hours worth so I asked fiance as a valentines day gift since he's leaving me later on today if once I finished up my work, he could do the pull thaw (pulling all things needed for upcoming day (s) from freezer to the walk in and rotating them out). He agreed.
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1 y
So as I figured, we were pretty busy all morning... the dishes piled up like crazy and as I was cleaning up my work station the GM.. well now RM.. jokingly kept prodding me about staying for my whole shift and helping out on dish... I told him not today.. I just really didn't want to... but I felt so bad because then my fiance also started getting a headache and toothache and was not in a good mood and was super busy, just like everyone else was busy...
Should I feel bad?(long.. sorry.. NEED HELP)?
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