Would this be a female loser?

I'm going to talk about a close relative's daughter. We know what a loser is like. Would she qualify as a female loser:

- Age 28 and childless
- Has no work experience except call centers since she was 19
- Still living in her parents' house
- Has a college BA degree in hospitality hanging on the wall for nothing
- Doesn't work in her field nor applied or jobs about it
- Can't clean a bathroom nor the house, cook nor drive
- Doesn't know how to balance a check nor manage money
- Wastes money on junk food sometimes and is always broke
- Overall, doesn't know how to do anything (nor life skills) except answering calls
- Then she complains about not wanting to be a phone operator forever
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1 y
Her parents still cook for her and sometimes clean her room
Would this be a female loser?
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