Are people just terrible or am I the problem?

I've been working at my new job for around 4/5 months now. I've tried really hard to be nice to everyone and get on with people no matter whats been thrown at me. I've listened to these ladies talk, I've helped them out, I've been really respectful towards them.

I thought we all really respected each other and supported each other since the work bully Tammy moved shifts and now I hear whilst I was off for 3 days two of my female co workers were bitching about me and even slagged me off to my manager and lied about me to him.

I'm really hurt by Karen mostly. She acted as if she wanted me to do well and she was the one who said I was too hard on myself and that I was doing a good job at the company and that she doesn't like when women bitch about each other and then when she finds out one of the temps is being hired full time she hugged her and said things will be so much better now she's working at the company and she can hopefully replace me because I'll be no good at training this temp and apparently her and this other lady said to my manager but all the men have to turn off the machines off for me to catch up with my work all the time which just isn't ture maybe when I first started but if my manager actually asked the bloke's who work on the machines themselves about my work they'd say I've done a great job and been working really hard as they were the ones who came and told me about her bitching about me and spreading lies.

I'm really hurt by this as I've tried to be nothing but kind to these ladies and this is how she repays me. I don't know what I've done to make her want me to lose my job. Also this other women who was bitching about is meant to be training me and apparently she said she's giving up on me when she's barely trained me to begin with and I've done nothing wrong and If I have it's her job to tell me not go behind my back and tell others.
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I'm not gonna lie I'm not prefect , I do struggle because of my ADHD and dyslexia but I've been trying my best and hitting my targets and then I come back into work to hear a this. I've always had people having it out for me no matter where I go and I worry maybe it's not them and it's me. But I just don't understand what I've done for these women to be so cold.

People tell me I'm a lovely girl and I deserve good things so why do people treat me like this. I'm so upset because this is my job
Are people just terrible or am I the problem?
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