How do you deal with bitter women at work?

This lady is particular at work is always moaning or complaining about something. She always has to put her opinion in when it’s never asked for.

today at work I was having a good day which is rare in the place I work in as many people will tell you it’s a horrible place. As I was going to go on my break my colleague turns to me saddened and begins to say “it’s been brought to my intention...” this is how she starts off bad news directed at someone and she carries on to say that this bitter lady has said I’m wearing jeans at work? Tbh I’ve been wearing these trousers for MONTHS now no one has said anything to me at all and the colour has washed out and they’ve shrunk and look more like a jegging than a trouser now. However this lady has had nothing nice to say about me ever. I know that I would have been slagged off by her most of the day since she has told my colleague about my “jeans”.

I know some personal information about her since she has such a loud mouth and she’s is such a horrible person. I don’t know how to address this woman. All I did when I was told was sarcastically say “oh so I’m supposed to go and buy new trousers then?”. Me and my colleagues then joked about it the entire day as we couldn’t believe the nerve of that woman just because she was in charge for the day.
How do you deal with bitter women at work?
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