Information regarding being visually impaired/blind?


So I'm currently writing a teen romance novel on Wattpad that I'm hoping takes off. Here's the description:

"What's it like to be blind?"

"What's it like to see?"

"I asked you first."

"But I'm the one visually impaired."

"You're impossible... It's not exciting, but when you see something truly beautiful, it's inspiring. You're in awe every time you see it and there's always something new to see."

"Yes, of course. But being blind isn't any of that, obviously. I can see different colors colliding together and then making another pattern, a perfect geometric pattern. And I can't stop it, it's always there. I can't see anything but color and memory."

"Yeah, well... I see you."

"... and I see you."


After her many encounters with Will, Lane wanted to start learning more about him. What he thought about, what books he read, what his opinions were on things, what was out there for him. But honestly, he really didn't know. He was blind, there weren't that many job opportunities for him, he hardly had any friends, and he was partially bullied. Then Lane came along, she pulled Will out of the darkness (not literally, of course) and helped him believe in himself. And eventually, they started believing in each other. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.

I just need more information about what it's like to be blind and what it's like to live and take care of a blind person. I'm don't want to be offensive when writing the book so any information would be greatly appreciated, specifically about how life is lived and what kind of opportunities are out there for them.

Thank you!
Information regarding being visually impaired/blind?
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