Read my whole paragraph and tell me... Would you date me?

I had a conversation with my man tonight that is still on my mind. He asked me if I was not with him who would I be with. What kind of person and such. So I told him I'd probably be with some loser who smokes because mostly everybody does and I don't. I say loser as in someone without a good job or career.. And I'd prob just be with some loser because I feel many guys who are successful would not view me as a potential partner.

So let's test it out.

About me...
Went to college got technically 3 AA degrees. Started on my BA but didn't finish. Stopped going because lack of funds. About to be 30 soon. I have no job. Only job I did have was retail and I worked there (same place) for 8 years started in high school and worked into college. I was quite the busy bee. This left me with no hobbies except simple ones like going for walks, tanning and swimming. Through the years I had friends but never really made time for them. I was very driven and focused. Then one year I started getting anxiety issues and it was with dumb stuff I freaked out went to Dr's got tested for different things. Finally I just said I can't do this to myself anymore and I quit my job, tried anxiety meds, a psychologist a psychiatrist and then quit that because it wasn't working. At some point I started eliminating foods from my diet. Realized that food was causing some issues and since I stopped working in that environment a lot of stress went away and apparently triggers. Eventually I figured out I have some extreme allergies and was highly triggered at work. I might have to go on disability because I have no clue where the fuck I can work and not be triggered. Looks wise I look good could lose some weight at this point. I have a positive outlook on life. I don't smoke nor drink. Love nature. Don't have anger or jealously issues. I think rationally instead of with my emotions. I'm cheap as hell. Not a fan of expensive things. Never been arrested or trouble with the law.
6 mo
Currently I don't drive. My car has issues so someone has to tote me places. Kinda feel like it's better if I don't t drive because the anxiety issues still sit in the back of my head and I don't want to freak out while driving and cause an accident. I live at home with mom. Now I have a baby so I know that even more puts me on a different level for guys because i know many wouldn't want to date somebody with a kid.
6 mo
Honestly would LOVE to work again. This depending on other people stuff annoys the shit out of me. Was raised to be independent and work hard. Life definitely beat me down. Thought I was unbreakable for sure.. learned I was not.. Kinda just waiting to see how can I build my life back up again. Anyways tell me your thoughts.
Read my whole paragraph and tell me... Would you date me?
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