Should I quit my job?

I work at a very popular company, and I’ve been faced with sexual harassment. Many people have reported him and they are just now taking action. Even tho I had just barely turned 18, he was harassing me and other girls even when I was a minor. My mom wants me to go to HR then wait for corporate to file a claim then they’ll launch an investigation. I just can’t wait it out because he still works with us in the same department. He even talks to me sometimes even after the managers and HR department knows about his behavior. He won’t be moved into another department in another week. My mom puts this on me “do you want him to target other girls?” I don’t want to be selfish and I definitely don’t want to even think about him targeting even more girls than I’ve seen him target, but I don’t know if it’s fair to put it all on me to fix. HR exists for a reason. HR and every manager in our department is aware of his behavior already. The only reason why my mom wants me to go to them is for the lawsuit but I’m not sure if I even want to sue. What do you all think should I stick out the anxiety and fear until the company decides to fire him even though they don’t “have to?” Or should I save myself the fear and anxiety and quit? Do you think I should give a 2 weeks notice or should I quit on the spot. I’ve never been placed in a situation like this before, so I need the advise. I feel weak for quitting but I also feel stupid for staying.
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Should I quit my job?
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