Why do people bully?

I'm currently being bullied at work by 3 women aged between 50 to 60. I've been bullied my whole life by people yet people tell me in a really lovely, sweet , kind girl. I struggle with dyslexia and I'm a little shy so that was why I was a target at school but these women are grown adults with grown children of there own and grandchildren.

I started this job 6 mouths ago and I may have struggled with the work at first but I've always been super kind and respectful towards everyone at my work. But these women try and be kind to my face and talk about me behind my back , make up lies and rumours about me. Try and get me in trouble my manger and have even tried to make me look like the bad guy before over nothing.

My cusion recently died in a very tragic "freak accident" let's just call it. Leaving behind a fiancé and a 2 year-old boy as well as my family. The week he died they showed no compassion and were actually so cruel to me. One of the women told me the wrong time to come into work that day so I'd get into trouble, she also kept trying to make out like I was being rude to her and her friend because I didn't say thank you for pointing out but I was wearing a jacket and because they picked up my mess as I sweeping the floor when I never asked them to.

Now they've took it a step further now they know I'm getting better at work also better than them. My manager told my yesterday but I had 3 people complaining but I smell. At first we laughed about it because we couldn't believe how pathetic they were to scoop that low. He asked me if I wanted to know who complained but I said there was no need.

Last night I cried myself to sleep and my boyfriend and family are all worried for my mental state. They say I'm no longer the happy , up beat person I usually am anymore and I'm quiet and snappy with people.
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My also has a really bad reputation for bullying but the bullys always get with it. Bully the all the young girls out of there job at this company
Why do people bully?
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