Difficulty Moving Out of Current City?

I was planning on transferring in the fall but it has now move to the spring. I have been through a lot recently…lots of deaths & health problems and I eventually became extremely stressed and almost gave up completely on life. I am trying to transfer to engineering school but…I am also really nervous. I currently live here in Texas and my dream school has always been UT Austin. I am applying in the Spring since engineering is fall only. However, I’ll be very sad if I cannot get in. My backup schools are Baylor & UTSA. I qualify for automatic admission to UTD and UofH but I would never live in Houston. I also want to apply to Liberty University (on campus), ASU (online), University of Arizona (online), University of Arkansas, University of Alabama, University of Wyoming, South Dakota School of Mines & Technology, Wheaton College, and Grove City College. My only problem is that…I don’t want to move out of town. I am a non-traditional student. I am 25 and have my own condo. Also, I have all of my friends here along with bible study and meetups I run. I basically have my life established in my city. I don’t know if I could attend school not within commuting distance.

However, part of me wants to “explore” or even “start life fresh” and also if I get good financial aid that would be another reason. I am not a big fan of the out of state tuition. While I do want to start fresh (I will eventually) but I just don’t know what I would do and it would be very hard. I have mostly bad memories here than good memories but it’s still hard to move. I wouldn’t know anyone, anywhere to go, and would freak out haha. Have any of you moved out of city for school or even just for a change? How was it? Pros? Cons? Do you regret it? What would you recommend to prepare for? Thanks!
Difficulty Moving Out of Current City?
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