Was I wrong to quit this way?

I got hired for a position for a part time job. When i interviewed, I told them not to hire me if they can’t give me the 20 hours minimum that I required. They said “Oh, that’s no problem at all, we can give that to you and more if you want it”. So with that being promised to me, I took the job. My first day I was supposed to start in January after the training. Training was done and a month later I was just sitting around waiting for a case. That was strike 1. I was really mad because I was trying to save money for the summer and they were already fucking up. So in March, they find a case for me and it’s only 8 hours a week. Strike 2. I accepted it with the guarantee that they will fill it in in the next couple weeks. Yesterday, I quit because I still only have 8 hours and I was wasting gas and time at that point. They got mad and told me to at least put in a 2 week notice instead of just quitting. I told them no and that they lied to me from the beginning and that if they didn’t have the work that they shouldn’t have promised me something they couldn’t fulfill. Was I wrong to leave the way that I did? My husband says I should have given a 2 week notice, but I feel like what I did was understandable.
You should have given a 2 week notice. Always leave on good terms!
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Nah, you’re justified. They shouldn’t have kept leading you on.
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You could have waited a little longer to see if they would have kept their promise.
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Was I wrong to quit this way?
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