Is DoorDash a waste of time?

So I am trying to buy a car. My grandad told me that I needed to be able to save at least three months worth of my car payments before I get it. I wanted it sooner than that but I guess I will try. I have a job that I get paid every two weeks. I decided I would take 300 from every check and also use my DoorDash money to add to it so I can get my car sooner. My grandad says that DoorDash is wasting my time because I will have spent what I made on gas. I disagree. I did it for the first time today and I didn’t get to do as many orders as I would have liked but it was more than I would have made in those hours at work. But I am low on gas. But I only had out 10 in my tank? Is it a waste? Should I just do overtime at work instead?
Is DoorDash a waste of time?
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