"A proper university is not a democratic machine." Agree or disagree?

So I have been reading my mother's old journals, writing and university papers back from the late 1960s/early 1970s.

Problem is, she burned 90+% of everything she ever wrote. (She can be quite melodramatic, yes.) Symbolically, it almost all went up in flames (I don't know exactly why; maybe neither does she.) But what is left is some pretty damn interesting stuff.

Like this:
A memo, a call to action, re-published by her philosophy teacher, in 1968. I am struck by how, and as the saying goes, 'The more things change, the more they stay the same.' (I believe that's of French origin.)
I'd like to open up a discussion about change, democracy, and the educational system.
Do not make this another left-right us vs. them. Let's un-politicize this and think bigger. You can criticize it (I encourage that) without this being merely a left-right tirade.

"Education is the jewel in the crown of democracy. But a proper university is not a democratic machine. This is not its legitimate administrative purpose, nor is it a desirable or workable goal... enlightenment is one thing; authority is another... It is preposterous to imagine a university operation should be democratic - that good education is a matter of everyone having one vote.
In Greece the same fine people who invented democracy have often shown an affinity for another Lykabettan perennial - namely chaos. In the case of a university, that chaos is as certain as the inevitable sweep of Greek tragedy."
A proper university is not a democratic machine. Agree or disagree?
So should universities be democratic?
What do you think of education today?
What, in retrospect, do you think of the education you received?

P. S. Keep it civil, people. This is for dialogue, not a rant.
Any "all liberals should be put into concentration camps" b. s. may be promptly deleted. I also don't want to hear any more Trump talk. I really don't want to regret asking this.
I normally don't believe in deleting, but in rare cases, it is justified.
Democracy, by Henry J. Taylor, 1968
Democracy, by Henry J. Taylor, 1968
"A proper university is not a democratic machine." Agree or disagree?
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