Was I right to get upset with the hiring manager?

I know I'm not going to get the job anymore and I don't care but I feel like what this hiring manager did was really stupid.

Let me start this off this hiring manager is a woman. I am not trying to be sexist but sometimes some female hiring managers act dumb or do stupid shit.

So it was 8am. I checked my email and I got a email from a job I applied for. She asked when we could do a interview and to let her know my times. I replied and said I can do whenever. She ends up replying back to me immediately and says someone cancelled their interview and she's free to do an interview right now. I said, "Sound great. Are we using Zoom?" And that's the last I heard from her. I got dressed and researched some quick interview questions to practice. I sat there ready to go, refreshing my browser to see an offer for Zoom or something. An hour goes by and it's 9am. I'm still waiting and I'm wondering what time she intended to send this request. I wait another hour and now it's 10am. I feel like she flaked on me so I close my computer and continue the rest of my day. Around 3pm I check my email again and I see she sent a Zoom interview invite at 1pm. And I'm honestly shocked and pissed. Like first of all she didn't even let me know what time we were supposed to do that shit. And she sends it 5 hours later. When she said right now I thought she literally meant right that very moment not 5 hours later. That pissed me off. She could have easily sent an email and said, "Ok, I am going to send a Zoom invite at 1pm. I'll see you then!" But I literally heard nothing from her and I feel like she should have established a time at least. Do you agree that she was an idiot? Or maybe I was the idiot for not refreshing my browser every 30 minutes to keep an eye out?
Was I right to get upset with the hiring manager?
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