Should I talk to a manager or move forward?

I work for this good company. I started back in September of 2020. Been there since!
Time goes on. I transferred back to the building I once came from. I started a new department. With this new department, it was a lot of information to process.
I know the girl didn't train me correctly. I was on top of her, asking questions and where she was getting this, that, etc. I totally don't feel that comfortable being on my own.
I work tomorrow with her for only a half day. Then she leaves, will be back Wednesday.

Of course, I'll see how I go tomorrow on my own. I've trained people at my job, and her job was absolutely awful. Along with bashing a coworker, calling him a Toddler. Saying how that is his name. Just cause he dresses like one. I kind of just shut my mentality down of...

Why are you training me if I'm going to be slow? Why are you talking crap about people being slow when you were new one? I am older than this chick. Maybe twice my age, and I'm 23.
Who is there to impress at work? I don't dress pretty for work either.

Should I say something to management? I ain't trying to start ANY drama. This was my second day back in the building I came from.. I was absolutely shocked I heard her judging.
I felt uncomfortable, knowing I was slow at whatever she was doing. She mainly did all the work today, and whenever I would do something. Of course, I was slow. Just cause I was STILL NEW AT IT. Lol
Should I talk to a manager or move forward?
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