Should schools relax their dress codes?

High School Student Sparks Debate After Protesting School's 'Sexist' Dress Code
A viral TikTok has sparked an online debate on whether or not public school dress codes are necessary or just archaic. Students want to wear what they want.
"Our body our choice, it isn't our fault they're distracted. They can't take away our confidence and self-expression." The school principal was going to have an assembly on dress code so in response we wore crop tops to protest," Frick-Hisaw confirmed. "It was a day-long process, we showed up in crop tops and they started dress coding people." So the girls think that dress codes are too stringent. What do you think?
Should schools relax their dress codes?
Yes, we want to see more skin (tongues out salivating)
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No, this is school, not Tinder/Instagram
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Let them, if they get pregnant it's their problem.
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No, too many people will be bumping into doors or poles
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Should schools relax their dress codes?
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