Should I Quit Tomorrow?

I've been working at a retail company for over two years as a supervisor. And I'm absolutely miserable.

I never wanted the position in the first place and I had neither the availability or ability to work hours they needed me, and had turned it down four times initially but was eventually just handed a set of keys and told, "You should be more appreciative of things handed to you. Just take the position until we hire another supervisor."

I took the position, which only granted me 50 cents more than minimum wage and more stress than I could put up with. I never got to take 15 minute breaks ("Managers don't get breaks") and worked through my 30 minute lunch. I was never allowed to take time off--just told, "You'll take a 3 day vacation next week so [another manager] can work extra hours before she takes vacation the week after. Then you can have a sick day on this day so [another manager] can work." If I did request a day or two off, because of emergencies or because of family events (that I'd mention weeks in advance), my boss would guilt trip me into coming in. "But if you don't come, who will cover you? Me? My husband just had surgery--if something happens to him, won't you feel guilty?" She would also switch my shift an hour or so beforehand or schedule me hours I couldn't work since I don't have a car, knowing I'd have to take $40 ubers to make it.

I had multiple talks with her about how I didn't want this position over the last two years but she always brushed it off saying, "But you're doing such a great job." She's even thrown away my written requests to step down, and when I told her I want to quit, she just laughs and says things like, "Oh? But how will you take care of your family with no job?"

But then the other day I had a job interview that went well. I'd be making at least twice more money in a position I actually want, in a field I want and have worked for, for years. And they want me to start tomorrow night. But now I'm conflicted...
Should I Quit Tomorrow?
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