Is my boss being too hard on me?


I’m new to a job, my 3 month probation period ends 7/26. The job is meant for two people, I started with someone else but she resigned after 2 weeks due to taking care of family. The job pushes me out of my comfort zone, having presentations in front of the classroom etc. it’s career services, my boss spoke to me today and has told me a few times that I’m doing very well but I need to improve on opening up during presentations and indicating my leadership with students, she’s been taking over the dept since it’s been vacant and wants students to know that I am the point of contact. She said that I should do things and take initiative versus sometimes wanting reassurance from her. But I told her I’m so new I thought handholding was to be expected. I just feel like they should understand my limitations, she said because this is my last month on probation she needs to take a step back to see how I handle this on my own, along with getting comfortable in the role/taking that constructive feedback to grow.
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Is my boss being too hard on me?
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