Am I being mistreated at work?

I have a job and I feeI like all my life people have kind of took advantage of me. I’m extremely nice and even a little bit if a pushover. I’m rlly skinny and average height but I’m told that I’m pretty. I have this new job and everyone is mostly older. I feel like my supervisors are fake because they give looks to me and apparently they have this group chat with all of the workers there and I’m not in it. When I came in the other day to work, I heard my manager open the door and she was talking to another one of my coworkers who came in at the same time and was like “I’m glad you came otherwise I was like it’s just gonna be me and Ashley” ( Ashley is my name ) I looked back because I wondered if she meant to say that around me or not. I honestly think I’m one of the best workers and have the best customer service because I get a lot of compliments but my managers always send me home earlier! I don’t know why but lately I haven’t gotten to finish my shifts. It’s so annoying because I have to call one of my family members to come pick me up and they’re doing something else. They’re also in a rush to get me to leave too and it’s annoying. They never send anyone else home early and it makes me feel like they don’t appreciate me it my work and I’m the nicest one there. Why do they do the is everytime? What do I say next time they send me home early?
Am I being mistreated at work?
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