Why am I getting left out of stuff?

I started this job two months ago. I have two managers who always seemed kind of fake. They’re rlly nice to my face but something seems off about them. I’m in college and this is a summer job for me. I always catch one of them staring at me like she’s waiting for me to do something wrong. The other one is really helpful and I thought she was cool but I guess not. Today I was waiting for them to open my door so I can start my shift and two of my coworkers walked up. They told me how in the group chat they were talking about one happened yesterday and I’m like what because I’m not in the group chat. Both these coworkers are new and my managers put them both in. One said she got put in because she had to swap shifts with someone. I had to swap shifts before and they just told me they’d say it in the group chats That hurt my feelings. I have both these managers numbers but they never offered for me to be put in. I’m rlly nice to everyone and probably the best in customer service because they schedule me for a lot of shifts. My other coworkers will talk to me but everyone who works there is in the group chat but me. Im skinny and I’m not trying to seem narcissistic but maybe they’re jealous? My managers are fat or old. Im one of the sweetest people there. It makes me sad because I used to get left out of stuff all the time. It couldn’t be an accident because they added the new people. I don’t want to ask because I shouldn’t have to. Why would they do this?
Why am I getting left out of stuff?
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