What do I do about my job?

So im a social worker. I cover visitations, set up transportation, schedule visits, take referrals, main contact for kinship resources, answer phones, take elderly referrals. I dictate every phone call, interaction and visit. Im back up for fingerprinting and finance forms.

I have 35 families for visitation in 2 weeks. I make 13.97 and hour. I work in a fun environment 40 minutes away, with great people. I've worked at the agency for 2 months. I dont agree with half of the things my agency does, we do too much and we are extremely understaffed. Some placements are hours away, they dont want to work with me. Most workers leave at 4:30 I have to stay till 6. We are the lowest paying county in the state. I have an option to step up but I don't know if I can find the hours in the day to be a caseworker but they make 17 an hour. My family wants me to transfer to our agency since my car is old and I have 0 experience with winter.
After spending 3 weeks setting up all the visits I have to change them once again because kf school aged children. I don't know what to do at this point..
What do I do about my job?
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