What would you rather have as an employee?

We had to do a across the board month lay off at the beginning of the year due to jobs being pushed back and covid issues. I hated doing it to our crews, but it was the only way our company could have survived financially. We bounced back very well and are now covered up. Everyone's getting over time, and we've given out raises appropriately. But I still do feel bad about it.

I'm considering giving them a week's pay bonus. But it also hit me that some of the guys used some vacation time during the lay off. So it brings me to wonder, if you were my employee, which would you prefer? A week's vacation or a week's pay bonus?

Obviously with a week's pay bonus, you'd make that on top of what you're already making, so you'd make more over the course of the year. This is what I would prefer, but that's also as my bias as the co owner.

With the weeks extra vacation time, you'd make the same as if you had worked, but you'd have an extra week to do whatever you wanted.

And I'm not willing to do both as a choice to the guys. Someone will always complain and want to switch afterwards. I'm not dealing with that. It's one or the other.
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What would you rather have as an employee?
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