Constantly Praised, but Never Hired... Advice?

I'm a video game designer. I have multiple different skills (programming, 3D art, UI design, etc) which means I've done several different kinds of projects so far. I've only been out of college for about two years now, and only had a handful of contract jobs.

I get praised about my work, my work ethic, how I am as a team player, etc all the time. I've had project leads tell me that they thought my skill set was far more advanced than just a 'junior' position, and even had one tell me he thinks I should aim for a leadership position in the future. Anyone that I've worked with has always agreed to give me a recommendation if I ask for one.

And yet... I just can't land a proper job. The contracts I've gotten in the past have been through contacts I know. When I send out my resume for jobs on my own, no one responds. Or if they do, there always seems to be someone that's just a bit better than me. I've even had people look over my resumes in the past and critique them for me, and they've generally had good things to say about them before.

A couple jobs in particular: had a great interview for this one company, but got beat out by someone with more experience. The interviewer asked me directly if he could contact me in the future if another position opened up... Never did. I even once got reached out to by a recruiter for a company I never even applied to, they just thought I would be a good fit. Again, got passed over.

I feel like a fraud. It's almost frustrating now to have people compliment my work, and yet no one actually wants to hire me for it. People that I know from school/my class have even secured jobs at pretty well-known companies, even though they didn't get as good project reviews as me during school. It's gotten to the point where I'm embarrassed to show off my portfolio work to people now.

I'm just at a loss right now... Anyone else experience something like this in the past? Any advice if you have, both good or negative?
Constantly Praised, but Never Hired... Advice?
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