Is this a sign that he didn't want me there?

I'm 17, and went to get a job at a carwash around the area that I lived,

I started 7 in the morning, and on that day only me and one other guy was working that day,

But the problem started when the other guy there started demanding that I work faster and at a speed that was unnecessary, he was demanding that I work twice the speed that he worked, on my first day, while he was slaking off,

They usually close at 8 in the night, and at 4 in the afternoon the guy was working on the only care there and he told me to stand back and let him do it alone,
After he finishes he told me to go home,

I really don't understand what was going on, it seemed like the guy had something against me or something

Note: I had no other pictures to out, so I just went with this one.
Is this a sign that he didnt want me there?
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please don't comment on my age, 😄
Is this a sign that he didn't want me there?
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