My manger is rude and biased? Any advice?

I have this manager that a lot of people love, but he is just always on my case. He’s called me lazy, when I work my hardest everyday + try my best to help everyone. And this was to my face. When I told him that I work very hard he said, “You think you do, but you don’t.” When I confronted him about how it made me feel uncomfortable that he said that, he basically told me that maybe I wasn’t cut out for the industry if I’m one to hold grudges. He debated with me about how lazy I am for 5 minutes, without using any concrete examples, only saying that I need to look deeper into myself because he’s almost never wrong. Today, my coworkers told me that a customer came up to tell him about how amazing I am and he said, “Who? Elizabeth? I’ve never heard anything good about her...” while acting all surprised. Then when my coworker asked “So you don’t like her?” He told her, “I don’t dislike anyone. I just think that their are some people that are just not good... and I’d put her on the same level as (another coworker who everyone thinks sucks at his job). And I’m extra hard on those two. Now, I try to be humble, but I am awesome at my job. I’m a 19 y/o new waitress, and I feel like I’m killing it. There are things that I can improve on of course, like not allowing myself to get so stressed out + learning to manage my time better. But I’ve gotten a $100 tip within my first couple of weeks. I had an older lady hug me two days ago because she wanted to tell me my service was so great. My tables always compliment me. This lady told me one time, “You just get it. You just get what it means to be in the service industry.” All my coworkers disagree with him too. The hosts say I’m one of the only servers who cleans tables. And my coworkers defended me when he acted surprised. All in all I’m not really sure what to do about the situation. I feel completely unheard when I try to defend myself and he hardly ever complains to my face. I just feel stuck.
My manger is rude and biased? Any advice?
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