Would you say my teacher was so smart?

My HS freshman teacher taught math and language arts. Her exams only consisted of a scantron answer sheet. She never walked aroung the class to see if someone cheated. In fact many times she would step out for a bit and then come back. Easy huh!!!

A girl was having issue with math but instead of asking for help, she asked me to let her cheat. If I refuse then she'll turn friends against me and do things. So I let her cheat on the day of the test. The following day, our teacher congratulated most of us for doing well. My scored was a 95%, the highest.

What happened to the cheater:
The said this to the cheater :''Since you got the same exact answers as SallyF and same great score wow, could you explain us how to do this math equation on the board''. She was clueless as well. Then she explained to us that even though her exam had the same exact questions (her language arts exams was like that too; same questions but order different), the ordered was changed for everyone. So instead of getting a 95%, she got a perfect 0%. Then she got sent to the principal's office for cheating.
Then she added this ''You may cheat and perhaps even get away with it but you're not learning. In the long-run you won't get ahead in life''.
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The girl really though she was an easy and dumb teacher. But wow, the teacher was steps ahead of her already. She had her exams rearranged on purpose. No one that sits near you had the exact order.
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The girl went through an embarrassing moment of most in the class laughing at her stupidity.
Would you say my teacher was so smart?
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