What job can I get that pays well? help?

I’m 24 I need help what easy job I can get that pays well. I have to close down my business as sales r up n down since summer time. I always paid rent for 1 and half with sales money but now I’m worried sales r not good. It’s hard advertise if you aren’t famous u don’t make sales. I spent whole life working in warehouse so I don’t want that either. I’m underweight too skinny. I never get accepted at mall or office job. I have bad luck even tho for my business I have 5 stars on app I’m good sales person. They don’t know I’m smart and actually have my own business. In office jobs or clothing stores they act snobby and I’m never fit for job. I want online job too but I don't know what there is like I want do customer service online but I don't know how to get those jobs answer peoples questions. I wanted deliver food but I have no lisense.
What job can I get that pays well? help?
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