What does this mean that this is now like this?

Disclaimer: I am not a racist. I am simply asking a question nor am I saying it's bad or good that it's happening but, what does this mean:

I went to my high school's game the other night. I'm 32 and graduated in 2007 but I thought I'd just go, just to go. I was in band when I was in high school but not football, sorry to any athletes out there. Anyway, i happen to notice two things at this game.. not only, had the band been significantly downsized over the past 14 years (we used to have at least 100, maybe 150) and I think I counted maybe 20 or 30 possibly 40 on Friday. Also, we used to have up to 15 or even 20, dance team members called the arcettes (pronounced ar-cettes) that were featured for the second song we would play whatever it happened to be. I didn't see any on Friday, which makes me believe they no longer exist

But what really made me wonder was (and of course this would have only been varsity cheer) but, I noticed that the entire varsity cheer squad, was black, or at least light black, as opposed to "white".

They were all really pretty of course, as they are cheerleaders but, like, what the f---. Again, I am NOT a racist, and I think it's actually kind of cool that it became all black, I'd just want to know WHY it may have.

I'd mainly like to hear from the cheerleaders on here but, anybody can answer essentially

For comparisons sake. From the 3 yearbooks I have, I counted from all 3 years, 33 "white" cheerleaders and 20 "black". I put them in quotes because it's not totally white or totally black, I was just giving you an idea. There's also a small discrepancy because one of the yearbooks was hard to understand, as it looked like there were 2 different sets of them?
What does this mean that this is now like this?
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