How do you answer questions that strike a nerve?

I got turned down in the HR interview of a company 🙂 so close, yet so far. There were a few questions that I wasn't comfortable answering.

1. Why did you choose the college you studied from?
The fact that my college not renowned makes it harder for me to justify why I picked this one. To be honest, I was desperate. I had dropped one year after high school and dropping another year would cost me dearly. So I was desperate for a college. Of course I did not say this to the interviewer. Whatever I said didn't seem "satisfactory" to her.

2. Tell me something creative you have done in the last month.
I probably could've said a lot of things, but at that moment my mind was blank. Also, her idea of "creative" was much different that that of what I find creative. Just to help me she said - "Maybe you made a nice cup of tea or prepared some delicious meal". (I guess I'm too boring. This, to me, was just an ordinary task everyone does. What's so special or creative about it?)

3. Why did you turn down your previous offer? The remuneration would've been better.
I was honest with this. It was my first interview and they were asking me to join immediately (I was still in 3rd year then). I wanted to try a few other companies and then decide 😅

How would you have answered these questions?
How do you answer questions that strike a nerve?
How do you answer questions that strike a nerve?
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