Should I change jobs?

I'm in a bit of a dilemma when it comes to my future. At the moment I am managing a gas station making roughly $75K a year. I've been there 15 years and when I first signed on the company (which is privately owned) was really good about how it treated it's employees with competitive pay w/paid overtime, monthly bonuses and really good health insurance that after five years we didn't have to pay for, but the overall vibe was a place you really wanted to work at. However in recent years things started to change, and I understand change and growth are necessary in order to thrive, but it started when they restructured the pay to not only be less competitive, but narrow the gap between part time and full time to where it's a joke (bonuses remained). Then they switched the insurance to an HMO that we couldn't really use anywhere, and had to go through hell to get the simplest of things such as prescriptions. Lastly they've recently demonstrates how little they care about the people who helped make the company, choosing not to listen to them with half hearted apologies as we continue to be overworked and undervalued. They occasionally throw a random bonus to try and appease us, but it's a drop in the bucket compared to the record profits they're making. I'm dissatisfied, the jobs been hell on my body (since we don't get breaks, and overtime I've developed eczema on my hands from all the hand washing which is a pain) and while I don't dread work, I'm also not happy there either

So I find myself wondering what to do next. Do I stay, and push for the next position which is store manager, which will not only mean more money, but more work and right now with us not having the staff to maintain would probably mean I'm working 2-3x as much since I'll be salary (currently I'm hourly) or do I dust off the resume and try and find opportunities elsewhere?
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Should I change jobs?
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