Am I trust fund baby who can’t make it?

Was I the trust fund baby who couldn’t make it? I stooped pretty low and harassed my 23 year old department head because I felt like I was wrongfully fired… but was I really though? Maybe it was my ego and I was doing a bad job? Should I have slept with the main boss? Would my career be mores secure? While my sister has exceeded parents expectations… I am slipping at 25. I’ve met some pretty thrifty characters but was I not being thrifty enough?

After hardly graduating highschool and being cut off at some local college, having to work day in and day out at a Kiosk… I thought I was unstoppable. That I had beat the odds… But was I becoming a Rory Gilmore? I had gotten all my corporate jobs by myself… I was aware of my privilege… but fuck… Am I going to be homeless?
Am I trust fund baby who can’t make it?
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