Should I lie to get out of a trouble with a teacher?

So I was being stupid during a whole group project on my zoom class because I was with my friends at a grocery store. I never do this, but I was with friends idiotically. Essentially I barely participated and said some rude things off mute about the project on accident. Now I have a meeting with my professor about it. I'm considering lying and blaming it on an fake incident in my personal life and my mental health. I mean it's either that or owning up to the fact that I was being stupid and getting a crap grade. I'm a great actor and I'm highly considering lying... should I do it? I mean in the end I'm thinking about myself... and I know it was wrong what I did during the meeting and I will gladly do a separate project, but I feel like lying is the most viable option. I've done it before and I'm considering it again. I know it's morally wrong, but I'd rather fake it and get the appease & empathy of the teacher in order to get the grade than get an F.
Should I lie to get out of a trouble with a teacher?
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