Am I being a pus**?

I've worked for friends at gas stations with family. This is my first professional job so I might just be a puss. I love most of my coworkers. My boss is cool half the time. All business ideas get ignored, one old bitty constantly puts me down and everything I do and say is wrong. She snitches on me for the littlest things. Most recently because I changed an address in the system, and the child's address should be the agency's. I was belittled by my director because I asked another supervisor a question then asked my supervisor. I also was sick so I wasn't cheerful and my supervisor felt "disrespected." I've been dress coded for the same clothes caseworkers wear ( tennis shoes, knee length dresses and too much cleavage) have a BA in psychology and all the caseworkers have a BA in human services. I originally wanted to be a caseworker but had no experience so they told me no. Although they hire people with a BA in social work with no experience as caseworkers as well. My supervisor tells me all the time im needed and wanted, she says I would have to work hard to be a caseworker. Am I being a wimp? Does every job have the same problems?
Am I being a pus**?
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